Meeting / IRL meetup

Eric Lake ericlake at
Mon Jun 9 16:30:44 BST 2008

Since attendance at meetings on IRC is low I thought that we could try
having this weeks through a mailing list. Instead of having the list
split we will continue this thread on the BGLUG list. If you have not
already joined the BGLUG list then please do so

We are still planning on having the IRL meeting on 6/14/08 from 2 - 4
EDT. We need to know is who is planning on attending. Our initial plan
had been to hold the meeting at East Side Technical. If we are not
going to have that many people there though we may just move it to a
local shop (coffee, Panera) that offers free wi-fi.

As of right now I am planning on doing a quick talk on Foresight Linux
and some conary packaging. I don't see this taking the full 2 hours
though so what else do you want to do during our time? Key Signing?
Gaming? etc? This will be a very open format time so please make any
suggestion that you want. If we don't have time for it in this meeting
then we can get to it in the next one. It would be good to have a list
of topics that everyone would like to see covered and try to pair up
the topics with someone that is willing to present on it.


Eric Lake

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