BGLUG / Ubuntu KY LoCo IRC Meeting - 5/1/2008

Jordan Keyes jkeyes0 at
Wed Apr 30 19:16:24 BST 2008

Hey guys!

It sounds like etank is going to be unavailable for tomorrow night's meeting
(5/1/08), so I'll be attempting to lead it.
We've got some important issues we need to discuss, including (but not
limited to):

   - IRL meeting times for the night crew (for those that don't know, BGLUG
   meets on the 3rd Thursday of every month from 11:30am - 1pm, so we need to
   discuss other options for those who can't attend)
   - a new night / time for irc meetings, since not everyone can be in here
   on Thur at 9:00
   - discussion of presentations / speakers upcoming, including ideas for
   future meetings
   - a recap of the release party event on 4/26/08

If you have any other things you'd like to see mentioned in this meeting, or
any questions, feel free to respond and I'll see that they get addressed.

Also, if you haven't done so already, please check out http://www.bglug.netand for the latest information.


Jordan Keyes (jkeyes0)
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