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Good Call Steven!

And I forgot all about the System76 machines.  Definately worth the
look for a laptop that was designed for ubuntu and not the other way
around.  I would spend the extra money and go for the System76 ones.

On 9/9/07, Steven Walter <stevenrwalter at> wrote:
> On Sun, Sep 09, 2007 at 09:12:44AM -0700, Jason Bustani wrote:
> >    will ubuntu work on this notebook?
> Ubuntu will almost certainly boot, but there are two pieces of hardware
> on it that will probably not work well, if at all.  The first is the ATI
> video card.  ATI cards work quite well in 2D with open-source drivers,
> but the closed-source drivers that are needed for 3D acceleration are
> widely agreed to be crap.  I avoid ATI productions.  This is a
> deal-breaker unless you don't care about 3D games.
> The other troublesome piece of hardware is the wireless card, which you
> will almost certainly want to use.  It seems to have a Marvell TopDog
> chip, which seems to be quite new and nearly as I can tell unsupported
> by Linux.  Marvell does not provide any Linux drivers for it on their
> website, either.
> Bottom line, don't expect good 3D support, or any wifi connectivity.
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