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Mon Sep 10 00:16:56 BST 2007

On Sun, Sep 09, 2007 at 09:12:44AM -0700, Jason Bustani wrote:
>    will ubuntu work on this notebook?

Ubuntu will almost certainly boot, but there are two pieces of hardware
on it that will probably not work well, if at all.  The first is the ATI
video card.  ATI cards work quite well in 2D with open-source drivers,
but the closed-source drivers that are needed for 3D acceleration are
widely agreed to be crap.  I avoid ATI productions.  This is a
deal-breaker unless you don't care about 3D games.

The other troublesome piece of hardware is the wireless card, which you
will almost certainly want to use.  It seems to have a Marvell TopDog
chip, which seems to be quite new and nearly as I can tell unsupported
by Linux.  Marvell does not provide any Linux drivers for it on their
website, either.

Bottom line, don't expect good 3D support, or any wifi connectivity.
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