New Member Linux Noobee (IDEA!)

Darrell Smith Darrell3457 at
Sat Oct 13 19:13:39 BST 2007

Hello All, 
	I am sending this as an invitation and also a request for help and or
advice.  My experience with Linux ie. (Ubuntu) is limited.  I did 3 or 4
years ago step into some RedHat and Mandriva but I was never really
interested in linux then.  So Far even with some major mishaps I am
finally beginning to understand Ubuntu and maybe thinking of extending
myself to other OSs.  A little about me.  I'm an old fart (50) my first
experience with computers was a desk size machine with a 5 inch screen
and used new technology (then) 5 ½ Floppy Drives.  128 character pin
feed printer.  My first program was written in Basic.  Currently I am a
disabled blue collar worker who has dabbled in computers for the last 30
years.  Because of my disability I will be attending Pellissippi State
in Knoxville Tn. and I will be taking classes to become certified in a
IT field. Upon completing I hope to find a position where I can become
more independent and feel needed. 

Well enough about me.  The advice or assistance I need deals with a post
I made to the forum.  I had just installed Beryl and
I was wondering if anyone had came up with this idea.
I know about google earth but their information is presented
differently. I was thinking of linking points (cities) on a globe and
presenting a menu from which a person might pull the desired
information.  I would like to learn to build this program but I have no
programing experience whatsoever.  Being as how ubuntu-us-ky was the
first group I have ever joined I feel that this group may be the place I
can turn to for collaboration and advice.  Read what little I have
written in Linuxquestions and Ubuntu forums that I have posted.  Maybe
we could start a new way of bringing technology and information to the

My contact info is:
Darrell Smith
2945 Glenn Rd. Louisville, Tn. 37777

(865) 981-9363 (charter) so don't hesitate to call, and I don't start
classes til Spring Semester 08.
(865) 742-5645 (AT&T Mobile)  I'm paying for 900 anytime minutes on 3
phones and have an excess of 8000 minutes at this moment.
Darrell Smith
Isaiah 40:31

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