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There may still be the option there to get them to be a distribution
point for the CDs. That and we could let them know that we can offer
some support to those that are already running or plan to run Ubuntu.
There really would not need to be a business model for that I think. It
is just really letting them know about the community and our team.

Adam Senn wrote:
> more random nonsensical dribble...
> We would have to somehow adopt a business model for the local Ubuntu
> vendor,
> that would mirror that of Canocial; distribute Ubuntu CDs and install
> options, become Ubuntu certified, and profit off of some kind of local,
> onsite support mechanism.  Vendors could offer onsite tech support, and the
> Ubuntu KY LoCo team could handle the limited support offerings you mention.
> If the support business model works for Canocial, it can work for local
> vendors too.
> I'd assume it would still be a grassroots effort, and they may not see a
> real incentive to make the initial Ubuntu offering.  We need to show that
> there is a demand, as in the case of Dell users on the Ideastorm website.
> IMHO, this change in vendor attitude needs to happen in order for Ubuntu to
> grab hold in any community; i.e. visibility and local onsite support.  The
> Dell offering really helps such an initiative.
> I think as far as group activities are concerned, it would prove beneficial
> for several people to solicit individual local computers vendors onsite
> (KYTrade is in my sights); you know mafia style! (kidding); and show the
> local Ubuntu Business model.  I believe there MUST be a replacement revenue
> stream if we are to suppose replacing Windows products with free
> alternatives.  Otherwise, they could be hostile towards the idea.
> On 5/24/07, Eric Lake <ericlake at> wrote:
> That isn't a bad idea. We can even offer (limited) local support for the
> customers that buy with that option. They may even be willing to be a CD
> distribution spot. We have over 300 CDs that we need to be able to get
> into the publics hands before they are obsolete.
> Adam Senn wrote:
>> Just an idea to consider....
>> Has anyone given thought to asking local computer builders, such as
>> Kentucky
>> Trade, if they would offer installing Ubuntu as an alternative to
> Windows
>> XP/Vista?  This would be a great way to get Ubuntu into the mainstream
> on
>> the local level.  Using Dell as a leading example will go a long way in
>> convincing them to offer it as an alternative, or those looking for a
>> cheaper solution.
>> I thought about talking to Freddie at KY Trade about this, however I
> feel I
>> probably couldn't do the subject justice.  Plus, we have to justify the
>> benefits for the vendor, when offering Ubuntu takes away an already
> steady
>> revenue stream from XP/Vista installs on new computers.
>> On 5/24/07, Eric Lake <ericlake at> wrote:
>>> Dear Members of the Kentucky LoCo team,
>>> I have been doing some thinking about the team lately. We are
>>> currently at 64 members according to the launchpad page. I know that
>>> some of you are mostly on the forums and don't use irc much. Others of
>>> you are more irc and less on the forums. Still others of you do a
>>> little of both. Thats cool.
>>> At this time we are having irc meetings every Thursday night at 8:00PM
>>> EST. Is this too often? Should we move to an every other week
>>> schedule? Or even once a month (this may not be often enough though)?
>>> We are averaging around 15 members at the meetings (that does not
>>> include the bots). That is a big difference from the 64 members
>>> mentioned before.
>>> So far we have done a few events (Install Fest and Release Party).
>>> What are some of your ideas for other things to do? How can we spread
>>> the word about Ubuntu in our area more effectively?
>>> It is my belief that this needs to be a whole team effort and not the
>>> work of a few. We have started some sub-teams to handle some of the
>>> things that need to be done (Wiki Web, etc.). There is still a lot of
>>> work that needs to get done too. We have a team web site now but it
>>> needs some work to make it rock. We would like to start a team blog of
>>> what is happening with Ubuntu in Kentucky and get it syndicated to
>>> Please contribute where you can.
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>>> Thanks,
>>> Eric Lake
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