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That isn't a bad idea. We can even offer (limited) local support for the
customers that buy with that option. They may even be willing to be a CD
distribution spot. We have over 300 CDs that we need to be able to get
into the publics hands before they are obsolete.

Adam Senn wrote:
> Just an idea to consider....
> Has anyone given thought to asking local computer builders, such as
> Kentucky
> Trade, if they would offer installing Ubuntu as an alternative to Windows
> XP/Vista?  This would be a great way to get Ubuntu into the mainstream on
> the local level.  Using Dell as a leading example will go a long way in
> convincing them to offer it as an alternative, or those looking for a
> cheaper solution.
> I thought about talking to Freddie at KY Trade about this, however I feel I
> probably couldn't do the subject justice.  Plus, we have to justify the
> benefits for the vendor, when offering Ubuntu takes away an already steady
> revenue stream from XP/Vista installs on new computers.
> On 5/24/07, Eric Lake <ericlake at> wrote:
>> Dear Members of the Kentucky LoCo team,
>> I have been doing some thinking about the team lately. We are
>> currently at 64 members according to the launchpad page. I know that
>> some of you are mostly on the forums and don't use irc much. Others of
>> you are more irc and less on the forums. Still others of you do a
>> little of both. Thats cool.
>> At this time we are having irc meetings every Thursday night at 8:00PM
>> EST. Is this too often? Should we move to an every other week
>> schedule? Or even once a month (this may not be often enough though)?
>> We are averaging around 15 members at the meetings (that does not
>> include the bots). That is a big difference from the 64 members
>> mentioned before.
>> So far we have done a few events (Install Fest and Release Party).
>> What are some of your ideas for other things to do? How can we spread
>> the word about Ubuntu in our area more effectively?
>> It is my belief that this needs to be a whole team effort and not the
>> work of a few. We have started some sub-teams to handle some of the
>> things that need to be done (Wiki Web, etc.). There is still a lot of
>> work that needs to get done too. We have a team web site now but it
>> needs some work to make it rock. We would like to start a team blog of
>> what is happening with Ubuntu in Kentucky and get it syndicated to
>> Please contribute where you can.
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>> Thanks,
>> Eric Lake
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