March 15 Team meeting agenda

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Fellow members,
  I had offered my residence as a meeting place for the install fest/dry run, but as luck, and work, would have it, I am now scheduled to work out of town the 22nd-26th of March.  Should we wish to use my place, I recommend an adjustment to either side of those dates.
  David Price (venomous)

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  Regular team meeting in #ubuntu-kentucky on at 8:00PM.

The meeting this week is going to revolve around getting some of the
things that are listed on our approval application completed. I think
that we have some great plans, now it is time to implement them. Here
is a link to the application According to
Jono we are doing a good job but we need to have a little more
experience before we go for before the CC.

1) Install Fest
A) What kind of presentations (if any) do we want to do?
a) How many presentations should we do?
b) Who will be the presenters?
c) If we are having presentations then we need to have them done
by the dry run so that we can polish them a little.
B) When are we going to have the live version?

2) Release Party
A) Where are we going to hold it?
a) Do we want to make it regional (Lexington, Louisville, etc)?
B) What do we want to do there?
C) How do we get the word out about it?
a) We could post it on the Wiki (but how many will see it?).
b) We could make flyers to hand out. (any graphic artists on the team?)

Please add to this list if there is something that you feel that needs
to be discussed.

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