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Mon Feb 19 17:58:37 GMT 2007

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Eric Lake wrote:
> I just read this post on Aaron Toponce's blog
> I think that
> it would be a good idea for us to discuss one of the issues that he
> points out. It is the issue of "Internet consistency".
> What are your thoughts on this?
> As of now our presence on the web does not follow the pattern that is
> being set. For instance, our IRC channel is #ubuntu-ky and our
> Launchpad site is If we were to
> follow the standard here we would have our channel at #ubuntu-kentucky
> and be found on Launchpad at
> Would it be best for the team to make this change now? How will it
> impact us if we do? What would the process be? How do we effectively
> communicate the changes to the team?
> In all we would have to have changes made to the IRC channel, mailing
> list, forum and Launchpad. We are still a fairly new team so if we are
> to do this then I think that the time to do it is now.
I think we shoould change it to make it more consistent.  It wouldn't be
that big of a challenge as we're a small team and all, but if we wait
til later to change it when we're bigger it's gonna be a lot more work.
~Jordan Montgomery
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