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FrontSideBus ccarosca at
Mon Dec 31 17:15:53 GMT 2007

I figure the following would be good for those who are new to Ubuntu.*
Title:* bash Cookbook
*Subtitle:* Solutions and Examples for bash Users
*First Edition:* May 2007 
*ISBN 10:* 0-596-52678-4
*ISBN 13:* 9780596526788
*Pages:* 622
*Title:* Ubuntu for Non-Geeks
*Subtitle:* A Pain-Free, Project-Based, Get-Things-Done Guidebook
*Second Edition:* June 2007
*ISBN 10:* 1-59327-152-2
*ISBN 13:* 9781593271527
*Pages:* 345
*Title:* Backup & Recovery
*First Edition:* January 2007
*ISBN 10:* 0-596-10246-1
*ISBN 13:* 9780596102463
*Pages:* 760
*Title:* Ubuntu Hacks
*Subtitle:* Tips & Tools for Exploring, Using, and Tuning Linux
*First Edition:* June 2006 <>
*ISBN 10:* 0-596-52720-9
*ISBN 13:* 9780596527204
*Pages:* 447

Eric Lake wrote:
> OK. We had a meeting last night and discussed some ideas to get more
> people to attend. Also I mentioned that I heard back from O'Reilly
> about getting some materials to use as door prizes. The response was:
> "Please send me a list of 10 books from our site and the shipping
> address and phone number and I'll order them when I'm back in the
> office next week."
> So we need to have everyone go to
> and pick out some good
> books for us to use. Email the list that you come up with back to the
> list or to me directly. We need to have this done ASAP to make sure
> they get here on time. Please try to get them to me by 1/1/08.

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