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Tue Dec 18 15:53:18 GMT 2007

Hello Sir:

I have been using Ubuntu for about a year now.  I have been very satisfied with this software, much more satisfied than what I was with Microsoft.  However we still use Microsoft at the church that I attend, I have been urging them to make the switch, but there is much fear of a new operating system.

I have a situation that I would really like to incorporate Ubuntu desktop on, and I will try to explain it.

We have a media room located in the back of the sanctuary that we use to control the sound, play sound tracks and do recordings.  We have recently purchased a Plasma display to be connected to a computer as a large monitor to show scripture, song verses and play DVDs for various services and teaching.  When I installed this display I added a CAT5 cable so another computer could be used to show power point the presentations, or Open Office Impress (which is what we use).  This monitor that we placed cannot be seen from the pulpit so I need to be able to show and control an Impress slide show from one computer to another is this possible and how do I do this.

The other question is on song and scripture use of this large monitor is there some type of program that I can get for this because I would need to show the actual verses on one display, while I have a search type of box on the other display.  I realize that I must have a computer equipped with a to VGA boards to do this

I would really like to use open source programming I am sick of Microsoft and the support that I get from Microsoft.

Thank you for your time and trouble in this matter.

Steve Bridenthal
Missions Director / Project Manager

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