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Eric Klemm ericklemm at gmail.com
Sat Sep 15 10:25:11 BST 2007

I have heard from about 15 people now, nicely spread out across the state.
I am not sure that everyone is a member of this list though. I am starting
to think that this should become our main discussion board for now. I have a
few topics I wanted to put forth and discuss.

1. Projects - Any Ideas?
I have heard some good Ideas for implementation of Ubuntu. One is to
revitalize some old computers at a church that are currently running Win98 -
Edubuntu with thin clients is one possibility and using 1-2 Gig USB drives
for these machines is another.

I have also heard from one who rebuilds/recycles computers for a charity in
Miami county. A good idea and cause that I had been wanting to get involved

2. Fliers, promotional items, CDs
I had some ideas early on of putting some fliers up at local universities
and the library here in Salina to drum up interest in a LoCo, but have come
to find that the Wiki page and ubuntuforums.org is the best recruiting tool.
It isn't reaching the "not familiar with Ubuntu" set, like a flier at a
university might, but for now we will need members who are familiar to
provide support.

There are people making aluminum case badges that would be great to hand out
if we set up a table at KU or K-State or some other Linux/Computer related
function. I didn't put my name in for any, because the cash would have came
out of my own pocket, but I thought it was a good idea and I am sure that
when they are manufactured that we could wind up with some pretty easily.

I ordered 50 CDs from Canonical late this summer and they've arrived. There
are 5 that are 64-bit and the remainder are 32-bit PC version. Most people I
have offered them to have said that they will just download the .iso, and
that they didn't need one, but I remember when I started getting interested
in Linux 3 years ago, I didn't even know what an .iso was at first. I made
about 5 coasters out of CDs trying to burn Knoppix or Puppy before I learned
more about MD5 Checksums etc. (I was on dial up and a lot of images I
downloaded were incomplete or corrupted)
This state has a lot of areas that are dial up only and there are probably
some people out there struggling to figure out how to try Ubuntu and they
don't know there is a guy in Salina who would be glad to send them a free CD
just for asking. Lets try to find those people and get them a copy.

As always, any input and discussions are allowed, encouraged and needed.

Eric Klemm
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