Ubuntu Kansas LoCo Anyone try Gutsy yet?

Seth Galitzer sgsax at ksu.edu
Thu Oct 25 15:59:40 BST 2007

I actually installed Gutsy on Day 1.  I put it on my ThinkPad T43, where
I've had Edgy, and then Feisty, previously.  For both upgrades, I did a
clean install each time.  With Feisty, my trusty Cisco Aironet350 PCMCIA
wifi card stopped working, but I think that was due to kernel goofiness,
not necessarily the Ubuntu apps.  So I've been using the built-in
Atheros wifi instead, which is nowhere near as powerful as the Aironet,
but usable.

With Gutsy, the Aironet card still doesn't work, but the newer version
of the Atheros driver seems to give me a bit more power on my wifi link.
 After a bit of troublshooting, I had to blacklist the ipv6 kernel
module as it appeared to be preventing ipv4 routing from working
properly on my home network (many threads in the forums about that
issue).  That also would appear to be a kernel problem and not
necessarily an Ubuntu problem.

Other than that, the out-of-the-box experience is pretty good.  Compiz
working easily is nice, and fun for a while.  It makes for a great
demonstration of what Linux/xorg can do that other OS can't.  But I
turned mine off after a day or two.  Configuration of compiz is still a
complete nightmare, but again, that's not Ubuntu-specific.  Version
bumps in all major applications is nice.  Stuff I care about I'll update
manually, but having the latest version with the distro is nice for newbies.

Overall, I'd give Gusty four out of five stars for a well-polished
distro and amazingly easy installation process.  One star off for not
patching the kernel to fix networking instability.  That's something
that Joe Blow Windows User won't be able to deal with when he switches.


Eric Klemm wrote:
> Was wondering if anyone that visits here has tried out Gutsy yet.
> I am reluctant to do so now because my machine is dual-boot and the
> windows side is being used for schoolwork right now.
> This is the thread that I am following.
> http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=579746
> I upgraded this machine from Edgy Eft to Feisty and it had its problems,
> When I install gutsy I think I will do a fresh install.
> Eric

Seth Galitzer
Systems Coordinator
Computing and Information Sciences
Kansas State University
sgsax at ksu.edu

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