[ubuntu-us-in] Greetings

Michael Schultheiss schultmc at cinlug.org
Fri Jun 29 02:30:33 UTC 2012

David Wonderly wrote:
> Hey Everyone.
> I am going to moving to the Fort Wayne area in August and I thought I would 
> see how the loco is and if there are any LUGS in the Fort Wayne area.

As I recall, there are two LUGs in Fort Wayne, one at Ivy Tech Community
College (www.ivylug.org) and another (can't seem to find the current
website, if there is one).  Simon Ruiz, co-founder of the Indiana LoCo
lives in Fort Wayne and can probably provide more information.

> A little about me. I've been involved with Ubuntu for about 5 now. I'm 
> currently on the California teams leadership. We have a 3 leader system out 
> here. I am also on the Kubuntu council and an avid KDE user.
> Having been doing the leader thing in the California team for a couple
> years, I wanted to get involved with the Indiana team when I come to
> town.

The Indiana team has stagnated in recent years since Simon and I
(co-founders) have been pretty busy recently.  It'd be great to get new
people involved to help resurrect the LoCo.

> Anyway, I'll try and make the July IRC meeting and would like to see
> what I can do to help the Indiana Team.

I lurk in the channel but haven't participated in a meeting in quite a
while - one of our members dutifully runs them but when I check my irc
client there's rarely anyone participating besides him.

Welcome!  We're looking forward to your participation at whatever level
you'd like.

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