[ubuntu-us-in] Greetings

David Wonderly david.wonderly at kubuntu.org
Fri Jun 29 02:05:37 UTC 2012

Hey Everyone.

I am going to moving to the Fort Wayne area in August and I thought I would 
see how the loco is and if there are any LUGS in the Fort Wayne area.

A little about me. I've been involved with Ubuntu for about 5 now. I'm 
currently on the California teams leadership. We have a 3 leader system out 
here. I am also on the Kubuntu council and an avid KDE user.

Having been doing the leader thing in the California team for a couple years, 
I wanted to get involved with the Indiana team when I come to town.

Anyway, I'll try and make the July IRC meeting and would like to see what I 
can do to help the Indiana Team.


Dave Wonderly
Darkwing on FreeNode

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