[ubuntu-us-in] Indiana LinuxFest - Who's Going?

Simón Ruiz simon.a.ruiz at gmail.com
Thu Mar 3 13:51:40 UTC 2011

On Thu, Mar 3, 2011 at 8:29 AM, Pia Mikeal <pmikeal at purdue.edu> wrote:
> Wow, that is so awesome!  I have been away for a while and so did not know
> that there was going to be an Indiana LinuxFest this year.  Is there a
> webpage, so I can check out the schedule.  Your email appears to suggest
> that you meant to include a link, but there wasn't actually a link in it.
> Thanks,
> Pia Mikeal
> System Administrator
> Markey Center for Structural Biology
> Purdue University
> pmikeal at purdue.edu
> (765)496-6781

Whoops! Yeah, the schedule is at: http://www.indianalinux.org/cms/schedule2011

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