[ubuntu-us-in] Indiana Team Business Cards.

Rob Ludwick rob at rcludw.no-ip.org
Sun Oct 24 06:26:20 BST 2010


In an effort to keep things positive, I wanted to share an idea with the
group that I had.  

Every once in a while, I'll see someone who has or is using ubuntu in
Fort Wayne.  In those cases, I wished I had a card to give to them, so
they could find the local ubuntu community (the entire state in this
case) to give them a helping hand if they needed it.

I ran into someone at Jimmy John's the other day here, who recognized my
ubuntu lanyard.  He said he actually used it for a while when Windows XP
failed on his laptop.  I couldn't remember the Indiana Team URL at the
time, so I couldn't get him to sign up for the mailing list.

In the past, I've had success with this for juggling when I wanted to
make a business card.  I can just print off a sheet and take it to the
local copy place and have them print off 5 sheet on cardstock and cut
for a few pennies per card.  I usually don't get the expensive
cardstock, just something good enough.

As it turns out glabels is in the ubuntu software repos. 

$  sudo apt-get install glabels  # or via the ubuntu software center

The qrcode was created using this command:

$  sudo apt-get install qrencode  #To install the qrencode package
$  echo https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IndianaTeam | qrencode -o  \
     ~/Desktop/IndianaTeam.png    #Generates the qrcode to the Desktop

After that I found the ubuntu logo and designed the card.  Writing this
email frankly took longer than the actual work.

If you have the actual avery business card stock, you can use it inside
glabels by selecting it under File->properties.  If you don't have any
avery card stock, make sure you turn on crop marks in the print dialog
before you print.  This helps quite a bit when cutting the cards after
being photocopied.

Included is a sample pdf template and the glabels file I used to create

BTW, you don't have to use mine, you can design your own.  It's not that
hard at all.

Hope this helps!

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