[ubuntu-us-in] Ubuntu Media Server?

Michael Schultheiss schultmc at cinlug.org
Wed Nov 10 16:27:00 GMT 2010

DJ Gregory wrote:
> I've looked into XBMC, but as I have no old Xbox, just the one I use 
> from day-to-day playing I ruled that one out.  A DVR would be nice, but 
> not necessary.

XBMC doesn't require an Xbox.  They renamed the project from Xbox Media
Center to XBMC Media Center.

> Also, has anyone ever taken the CompTIA Linux+ Certification test?  Just 
> curious if it's worth getting (I'm trying to urge my company to go to 
> linux based servers)  I'm studying for my Servers+ right now and i 
> figure if I get that and my Linux+, I'd have a good argument, I just was 
> curious if anyone had taken that exam and wondered what the difficulty 
> level was and value for the dollar.

I've taken the LPIC-1 certification test which has similar requirements
as the Linux+ from what I understand.  Whether a certification is worth
getting depends on a variety of factors.  Some employers
require/strongly encourage certification for example.

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