[ubuntu-us-in] Ubuntu - Lost shortcut

Paul Steltenpohl paul at paulsteltenpohl.com
Sat Jul 24 03:13:47 BST 2010

Hello all.
Well I jumped onto the Ubuntu wagon 10.04 version a few weeks ago.
Then I installed Dosbox and Wow.
Then the next weekend I read up and installed VMware and double wow.
I was pumped, but with hardly no one to share my experience with that could
relate to what I was trying to explain.
I don't know much about the terminal yet.
I lost the shortcut for my VMware the same night that I installed it.
It was there, then it was gone.
Is it hard to get back?
When I installed the VMware, I had used instructions somewhere from the net.
That's how much I know about the terminal.
Anyway I'm new here. Love Ubuntu and think a person can dive as deep as they
want to learn from what I have seen. Glad to be here.
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