[ubuntu-us-in] Nvidia 1366 x 768

Paul Steltenpohl paul at paulsteltenpohl.com
Mon Aug 30 01:46:24 BST 2010

I just don't understand why Nvidia does not by default have a resolution to pick
for 1366 X 768.
By default, Ubuntu 10.4 works great at this resolution, but if I want to do any
graphics games or want all the bells and whistles of Ubuntu I'm just going to
miss out. Isn't there a simple solution? I just get overwhelmed when trying to
find a "simple" way to make it work. I'm not savvy at the terminal and unless
you know a lot about the graphics setting in Nvidia you might as well forget it.
Any ideas, or should I just give up.
I've tried using it 4 different times, but since I can only set it at 1360 x 768
it just shifts stuff to the right where I'm missing about a inch and half. Not
only that, my screed isn't clear for reading text.
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