[ubuntu-us-in] K-12 Open Minds - Open Source in Education Conference

Simón Ruiz simon.a.ruiz at gmail.com
Fri Sep 4 20:09:25 BST 2009

I'm glad to hear there's some interest in this year's conference!

Last year, and the year before, it was put on by the Indiana
Department of Education in a nice hotel in downtown Indy. As such, it
was a much fancier affair, catered, with an entry fee which was
expected to be absorbed by one's employer.

This year, I expect we'll get a lot more people showing up who
wouldn't be able to afford to go if there *were* a fee; whose school
system maybe wouldn't spring for the fee before, or who don't
necessarily work for a school system.

Last year we asked for a booth and manned it, though we only had a
couple of people representing Ubuntu at good times (though I was often
leaving Seth on his own, as work paid for me to go and I was supposed
to be attending the talks):

I have not asked for an Ubuntu Indiana booth, yet, this year, but if
enough people were interested in helping man one so that we can assure
it's manned without any one person stuck there alone, or all day (both
of which I subjected poor Seth to last year), I'm sure we could get

Helping man a booth consists primarily of:
 * Being physically present at the booth
 * Representing/marketing Ubuntu to the conference attendees; mostly
people who work in schools that are interested in learning about Free,
Libre and Open Source Software
 * Passing out brochures, stickers, bookmarks, CDs...
 * Answering any questions people may ask

I have a couple of X-Large Ubuntu Indiana T-shirts I could loan to
people who were interested in manning the booth (at conferences, I
tend to wear a white, collared shirt with a smaller logo).

For those that have never manned a booth at a conference like this, it
can be a lot of fun (particularly if you like talking to people, and
you like talking about Ubuntu) and it can be pretty boring during slow

Any takers?


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