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Pawsitive Results pawsitiveresults at gmail.com
Thu Mar 27 18:44:12 GMT 2008

I've got a (partially finished, sporadically played with) site for my
youngest dog, Xen.


Ana Greavu
U-AgI Norwood's Linux Hypervisor (Xen)
U-AgI Thunderpaws Blackheart NA NAJ PS1 PJ1 CL2 CL3-R (Jett)

On Thu, Mar 27, 2008 at 2:40 PM, Miles Z Sterrett <miles.sterrett at gmail.com>

> Ladies and Gentlemen -
>  I was curious as to whether anyone had sites of their own in The
> Ether -- be they blogs at blogspot.com, or some other site you might
> administer for a community, or just an HTML page you put out there.
> If you wish to share, I wish you would.
> I'll start:
> http://soyunperdedor.com -- My blahg.
> http://bikesofindy.com -- A basic forum, at the moment, for bicyclists
> in the Indy area.
> ... at the risk of appearing to pose the question for the opportunity
> to self-promote (astro-turfing?).  I am genuinely interested to find
> out what sites are 'based' in Indiana, and I thought it might foster
> even more interaction within this community.
> Feel free to ignore me, though.  No worries.
> MilesZS
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