[ubuntu-us-in] TriLoCo-Midwest

Rob Ludwick rob at rcludw.no-ip.org
Thu Mar 6 07:25:50 GMT 2008

> I'd say there's only been a little talk, which is what needs to change
> for the materialization bit to come to fruition. ;-)

I think part of that might be because we haven't formed the social
network across Indiana.

This does two things:

1) We could do this.  It's a small step.  It requires a relatively small
amount of organization.  

2) It "seeds" the social network.  We're trying to reach out to the most
likely people who are already participating in a LUG.  

> We could invite all the different Linux-related groups in Indiana (as
> well as anyone who's signed up to the ilf-info list) to our Hardy
> Release Party, which it has been suggested we do outdoors, weather
> permitting (or a separate event, I suppose, if we want to keep the
> Hardy Release Party purely Ubuntu).

If other people on the list are okay with it, than I am too. ;^)


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