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Sat Jun 7 01:55:28 BST 2008

"Yeah, you did an excellent job, Corfy. :-) Impressive initiative, I
must say, to get that information on the record."

Well, I spent 5 years as a newspaper reporter (3 years at one paper, 2
years at another) and attended/covered city council, county council,
county commissioner, school board, library board, hospital board, board
of zoning appeals, planning commission, board of works, park board, fair
board, and who knows what else kind of meetings, not to mention the fact
that I am currently on the Hancock County Youth As Resources board (6
years), the Youth As Resources of Central Indiana board (4 years), and
the Hancock County United Way Advisory Board (2 years), so I know a few
things about getting items on official record.

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On Fri, 2008-06-06 at 19:40 -0400, Simón Ruiz wrote:

> On Fri, Jun 6, 2008 at 5:33 PM, Jason Corfman
> <computers at corfyscorner.com> wrote:
> > Well... you didn't show up until 30 minutes in. So for the first half hour,
> > it was just me. And that was very boring, although if you look at the
> > minutes, you can see that I did my best to entertain myself.
> >
> > Jason Corfman
> Yeah, you did an excellent job, Corfy. :-) Impressive initiative, I
> must say, to get that information on the record.
> I'm also sorry I didn't even think of it. I've been a real ditz lately
> with stuff that doesn't involve work or wedding (and sometimes with
> that stuff, too).
> Now that I've set up Thunderbird's Lightning plug-in and connected it
> to my Google Calendar stuff, I'll go ahead and make a monthly
> recurring appointment for those...done...except for some reason, while
> it explicitly says "The second monday", it's put the July one on
> Sunday the 13th...hmm, I'm not going to worry about it right now,
> maybe it'll rework itself out after this coming meeting.
> Simón
> P.S. I'm planning on attending an Ubuntu Venezuela event during my
> honeymoon; their second anniversary celebration (which is shaping up
> to be a little one-day festival with talks and presentations and
> everything). I thought that was pretty neat. (And before anyone
> groans, I'm not making her go, I mentioned it was happening and she
> said we should definitely go.) We'll sport our Ubuntu Indiana shirts
> with pride. :-D
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