[ubuntu-us-in] higher education

David Bell dtbell99 at gmail.com
Fri Jan 25 14:21:30 GMT 2008

I agree with your idea. I think putting together some kind of Indiana  
Loco directory with talents, job, location, etc.. would be very  
beneficial, as long as we kept non-members prying eyes out. Anyone  
interesting in compiling such a directory?

David Bell
dtbell99 at gmail.com

On Jan 25, 2008, at 8:02 AM, Scott Howard wrote:

> I am curious if there is anyone else that works for a higher  
> education institution and which institution? I would also be  
> interested to know what role you have? For instance: I am a  
> supervisor of computer operations at Trinity College and Theological  
> Seminary in Newburgh, Indiana.
> I would like to spend a little more time talking with others that  
> are in the same industry as I am in order to keep a good grip on  
> whats going on outside of just my place of employment. Magazines and  
> blogs can be beneficial but I believe that it can be helpful to talk  
> back and forth one on one as well.
> I wonder if we would even want to put together a list of members and  
> what there profession is as well as there place of employment and  
> email address.
> Is there anyone else that would even be interested in that or not?  
> It would kinda be neat to see what the statistics are of Ubuntu  
> members on where they work, what they do, and what region they live?
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> Thanks,
> Scott Howard
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