[ubuntu-us-in] Another Reason to love Open Source

Keith Karnafel keith at karnafel.com
Fri Jan 18 10:13:21 GMT 2008

Who knows what's up with M$ but this past week my step-daughter had to call
them twice because Genuine pain [sic] decided that she was running a pirated
version of Vista. This will make five of six time since last fall when I
purchased the computer for her and the grand kids that we had to call M$ to
re-cert the computer. Oddly enough, the grand children prefer Ubuntu. Even
the two year old knows how to reboot the computer into Ubuntu, and start up
his favorite game, Childsplay. He also knows how to get to get to Nickjr on
his own and play the games there. I'm afraid that kids going to be cracking
code soon.

- Keith.
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