[ubuntu-us-in] We're approved!

Jason Corfman computers at corfyscorner.com
Tue Feb 26 18:53:35 GMT 2008

You know, through this whole process of getting approved as an official 
Ubuntu LoCo team, there was one question that I never bothered to ask. 
It isn't something that would have prevented me from helping out with 
getting approved, but it is something I am curious about. And it might 
have been discussed in an IRC meeting before I joined up, so if that is 
the case, I apologize for dragging it back up. But here is my question.


Or to be a little less blunt, what does being an official Ubuntu LoCo 
team do for us that being an unofficial LoCo team didn't do for us? Or, 
perhaps I should ask, what can we do now that we couldn't do before? Or 
should I just be patient and we will go over that in our next IRC meeting?

I apologize for my questions sounding a bit negative "on paper". I don't 
mean them to be. I'm just trying to think ahead about what the next step 
might be.


Michael Schultheiss wrote:
> Thank you to everyone who worked on our Approval Application.  The
> Community Council was very impressed with the work we've done so far and
> with our thorough application.
> Here's to continued success for out LoCo team!

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