[ubuntu-us-in] Sound Issues?

Brian Fahrlander wheeldweller at gmail.com
Fri Dec 12 16:14:33 GMT 2008

Simón Ruiz wrote:
> Hello, all,
> If you've been having sound issues in Hardy and/or Intrepid, it's
> *probably* because of the brand new sound server that Ubuntu has
> decided to move to, PulseAudio.
> Vern found an excellent article on the Ubuntu Forums for ways to go
> about fixing the problems we were having:
> <http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=789578>
> I will note that we followed the instructions under section "A" under
> Intrepid and it fixed all our problems. This stays within the official
> Ubuntu repositories as far as what software you're asked to install
> and uninstall; I decided not to follow the instructions in section "C"
> for Intrepid to add his PPA repositories since sound now works, and
> that section is for in case he releases something in the future.
> Under his instructions for Hardy in section "B", it seems you're
> required to add his PPA repositories onto your system in order to
> install his patched version of some software before you can get sound
> to work right again.
> Anytime you add someone's repository to your software sources list,
> you're placing trust in that person; that their software will do what
> you want it to do and nothing you don't want. This guys *seems* pretty
> on it and more trustworthy than average, and plenty of other people
> have thanked him for his advice, but I don't know him and can't vouch
> him. The decision to trust or not trust his repository is yours.
> Hope this finds you all having a lovely day!
> Simón
  Thanks for the heads-up; I ran into some of this last night. I did a 
conversion for a friend with a massive machine (for a desktop): P4/2.6 
with 3G of RAM.  It's very nice, a Dell Dimension E520, but it has 
Creative's "X-Fi" system installed.

   I admire the direction PulseAudio is going: the ability (generally 
speaking) to digitize audio for playing elsewhere like ESD is important. 
And I'm told ESD was primitive compared to PulseAudio's aims. I'm 
looking forward to it.

   It was just a shame on this huge-screened, fast-as-light machine that 
installed packages like eating puffs of popcorn, that it was all silent.


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