[ubuntu-us-in] "Free" software CD

Jason Corfman computers at corfyscorner.com
Thu Aug 14 19:43:00 BST 2008

This isn't Ubuntu related per se, but I wanted to throw this out on the 
list because everyone here is familiar with free software, and I figured 
most are interested in promoting free software.

A few years ago, I started my own free Windows software CD using 
software that was "free as in beer", although several of the programs 
were "free as in free speech." Over the years since, the focus has been 
more on "free as in free speech" software.

I should point out that I started this CD before learning about "The 
OpenCD" (or "The OpenDisc", as it is called now). Although I want to use 
as many open source programs as I can, I am just giving these CDs out as 
presents. Since I'm not selling them, I feel I can safely add some "free 
as in beer" software. (If it is free for me to download and install, and 
free for you to download and install, then it must be free for me to 
download and give to you to install, right?)

Well, next Saturday I am going to be passing out some more copies of my 
CD (or try to, at any rate), and I thought I would get people's opinions 
on the programs, and if there are any additions or deletions you think I 
should make. I will also probably try to hand out a few Ubuntu CDs, but 
my experience is I get better results trying to change their apps before 
their OS.

And even if I don't get a chance to make the changes for next week, I 
give this CD out as Christmas presents. Last year, I gave out 120 to 
family, friends and co-workers, which took me six hours to burn.

I should add that the target of this CD is the "average" Windows home 
user, and anything that requires an install more than clicking on an 
.exe file and answering a few basic questions is probably out (this 
includes programs without installers... I can easily deal with them, but 
I don't assume others can). Also, programs targeted toward advanced 
users are probably out (for example, I could include MySQL on here, but 
how many "average" people even know what an SQL database is, and how 
many of those know how to use it, and how many of those want one at home?).

And remember, this is a Windows CD.

Anyway, here is what I have on the CD (with brief descriptions just in 
case you aren't familiar with the programs):

Ad-Aware (adware/spyware remover) - 18.2 MB
CCleaner (Windows optimizer) - 2.8 MB
Comodo Antivirus - 34.6 MB
Comodo Firewall - 9 MB
FoxIT Reader (PDF reader) - 2.6 MB
Picasa (photo organizer) - 5.1 MB
Spybot: Search and Destroy (adware/spyware remover) - 14.3 MB
Spyware Blaster (adware/spyware blocker) - 2.7 MB

I know I can use Sumatra instead of FoxIT Reader, but as long as I have 
other "free as in beer" programs, I will stick with FoxIT Reader because 
I like it better (although if you have another suggestion, I'm all 
ears). And until ClamWin gets realtime scanning, I feel I must include 
an antivirus that does do reatime scanning, although ClamWin is also on 
the CD. Any open source suggestions for replacing the other programs, 
however, will be greatly appreciated.

7-zip (compress/uncompress) - 1 MB
AbiWord (Word Processor) - 6 MB
Audacity (audio editor) - 2.1 MB
Avidemux (video editor) - 11.9 MB
Blender (3D modeling/animation) - 8.7 MB
CDex (CD ripper) - 2.3 MB
Celestia (space simulator) - 22.6 MB
ClamWin (antivirus) - 20.9 MB
FileZilla (FTP) - 3.5 MB
Firefox (web browser) - 7.2 MB
GIMP (photo editor) - 38.1 MB
GnuCash (personal finance) - 51.8 MB
InfraRecorder (CD burner) - 3.3 MB
Inkscape (graphis design) - 33.4 MB
KeePass (password safe) - 1.3 MB
KompoZer (HTML editor) - 6.2 MB
LinCity (city simulation game) - 30.9 MB
musikCube (MP3 organizer) - 2.8 MB
Notepad++ (text editor) - 2 MB
Opcion Font Viewer - 1 MB
OpenOffice.org (office suite) - 131 MB
PDFCreator - 15.1 MB
Pidgin (IM client) - 12.3 MB
Smartison ScreenCopy (screen shot program) - 2.3 MB
Scribus (desktop publisher) - 29.4 MB
Sunbird (calendar) - 5 MB
SuperTux (run-and-jump game) - 7.3 MB
The Sword Project (Bible study) - 9.5 MB
Thunderbird (email client) - 6.4 MB
TuxPaint (children's drawing) - 35.8 MB
VLC Player (video/audio player) - 9 MB
Wormux (turn-based battle game) - 58.8 MB

I also have a selection of free fonts taking up 6.8 MB. And the program 
that runs the menu system on the CD, as well as the information, takes 
up about 14 MB.

At the moment, my CD is full (well, 690 MB out of 700 MB), so any 
suggestions for additions either need to be small or should include an 
idea for what should be taken off (which is why I included the sizes). 
And in case of competing suggestions, preference will be given to 
programs that have versions that run on Linux.

I will seriously consider any and all suggestions given to me, but I 
should make it clear that the final decision is up to me. After all, it 
is my CD and I'm putting my name on it.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Jason "Corfy" Corfman

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