[ubuntu-us-in] Help with newest Distro

DJ Gregory darrell.e.gregory at gmail.com
Sat Aug 9 03:13:40 BST 2008

Once I have copy, i can make my own to hand out, thats not an issue, i have
a seemingly endless supply here, its just getting that initial image.  I was
hoping to get a 64 bit copy and a regular 32bit one (I am running an x64
processor) and that said it could take up to 12-18 weeks.  To me, thats just
too long to wait and if just any average joe can help, I'd appreciate that
seeing as it may take up to 4 weeks if a person were to mail on to me
directly.  As for additional software, that'd be amazing as well.  A lot of
the guys here are getting new PC's and they're coming with Vista and their
is no driver support for XP so im trying to offer them the best
alternative.  I appreciate any and all help!

I'm not necissarially in the "sh*t" here, i sit in an office and manage
networks, but im still here away from family, but thanks for the support
:).  I'll give out my address here if Keith or Jeremiah wants to ship out
the newest release to me.  Its as follows

SPC Gregory II Darrell E
B Co 44th ESB
FOB Delta
APO AE 09317

Take care all!  And thank you again!

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