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> Subject: [Ubuntu-US] Now What Do I Do?
> Howdy!
> I have noticed several teams have been consistently holding meetings,
> planning and hosting events, and all around good ole fashion Ubuntu
> Advocacy.
> I think there are several teams that are well on the way (if not
> already ready) to become Approved teams.  -from
> [1]https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LoCoGettingApproved In the LoCo project
> there are two types of LoCo team:
> 1. New Teams - these are teams that are in the process of getting
> started and have not yet been officially approved as an Ubuntu LoCo
> team.
> 2. Approved Teams - an approved team is a team that is up and running,
> has each of the required resources in operation and the team is
> working well. When you become an approved team, it will make you
> eligible for certain benefits such as marketing materials, CD's, and
> free hosting provided by Canonical for your teams website (with a
> [2]http://yourstate.ubuntu-us.org domain). An approved team is also
> considered officially by the Ubuntu project.
> What do we need to do to become an Approved team?
> The first thing you want to do is review the following points:
> 1. Resources - you should have a mailing list set up, IRC channel on
> Freenode and have some wiki pages set up on
> [3]http://wiki.ubuntu.com/.
> 2. Do you have members in your group? Are the mailing list and IRC
> channel resources active?
> 3. Experience - What have you done so far? Have you done any advocacy,
> translations, exhibitions, support or other activities? We recommend
> you have done at least three activities before you apply for approval.
> 4. Roadmap - Do you have an idea of what you want to achieve and which
> projects the group should work on?  It is recommended that your teams
> roadmap be part of your team wiki page.

I think we meet at least the first 3.  We should work on a roadmap and
then we should be ready to apply for approval.

> If these are all things your team has accomplished, then you might be
> ready for approval.
> Approval is a formalized process, and for time being, is to be handled
> in the following way.

> 1. Create an Approval Application - Your application to become an
> approved team largely rests in the application wiki page - you should
> call it <yourteam>ApprovalApplication and place it in your LoCo team's
> sub-pages. You can see an example application at
> [4]https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LoCoExampleApplication. This shows you the
> kind of structure that the page should form. Before we look at the
> sections, here are some important tips:
> * Keep to the structure of that page - use the same section headings
>   and structure of the [5]LoCoExampleApplication page - this makes it
>   easier to read the page for those of us who consider your application
> * Use lots of links and references - this is essential. In the
>   Roadmap and Experience sections and elsewhere on the document, you
>   should provide web links to websites, blogs, mailing list archives
>   and such that confirm the points you make on the application. So,
>   as an example, if you have an activity listed in the Experience
>   section, provide some web links to show what you did, or where it
>   was discussed on the mailing list / IRC channel / forums.
> * Be concise, detailed and clear - we don't want to see thousands of
>   words - just list the key points clearly and concisely.
> When you have finished your application, email the link to Jono so he
> can review it.  If he feels everything is up to snuff, he'll give you
> the go ahead to put your team on the Community Council Agenda for
> approval.
> If you have any questions about these steps, please feel free to email
> me, or any of the mentors for guidance.  We will be more than happy to
> help you along the way to become an Approved Team!
> Lets make that map GREEN!
> ~Steve
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