[ubuntu-us-in] Gutsy Release Party

Simón Ruiz simon.a.ruiz at gmail.com
Sun Oct 14 21:05:55 BST 2007

On 10/13/07, Robert <rmartz at martz.us> wrote:
>  I like that idea, but alas, we just broke bread on world communion Sunday,
> and doing it so soon just wouldn't be ... well, the way it is done.

Our loss. Perhaps for Hardy?

>  Now for my newest rant:
>  Just got a PDA phone with Windows Mobile installed. It will not let me sync
> contacts or calender unless I am running M$ Outlook! What a ripoff!! So I
> thought, "I wonder if UBUNTU might allow me a work around?" But, alas, it
> will not *see* it. Fortunately, my daughter has a copy I of Outlook I can
> use, but then I am stuck with two M$ programs that I HAVE to use. If I said,
> "Mark of the beast" would I be too extreme? :-!     I knew I should have
> gone with a Palm OS, but this same daughter said I would LOVE it. RRRRRRR.
>  I wonder if the Linux gurus are planning a Windows Mobile compatible
> software package somewhere? I am sure they are not. Now, do i keep the phone
> or put it back on ebay? Time will tell.

Yeah, synching with PDAs is one of the more touchy areas in the Linux
world still, especially with Windows Mobile. I've heard that it's
possible with some models, but I've never done it myself—I don't have
a PDA.

...wait a minute. My buddy, Google, just mentioned
<http://www.synce.org/>, for what it's worth.

>  BTW, the terminal is very powerful and you can do lots of stuff and can do
> the same stuff remotely, but one has to have a good memory to remember all
> the hieroglyphics and command characters for it to be useful. I would much
> rather click a few more icons or gui's, then page through volumes seeking
> the command line for each little tweak. So what is the command to set the
> mouse to single click? (I set everything to single click cuz I just think it
> is a waste of energy to have to click twice.)

Well, if I know a way to do it through the GUI and I don't know the
command-line offhand, I do use the GUI. I just mean that when I get
the hang of a command, I generally stop using the GUI tool for it.

Heck, I don't even know how to set the mouse to single click through
the GUI. My guess is that you'd use gconftool-2 to set a GConf

>  Okay, I will stop whining. I set up the Broadcom in 6.10 then in 7.04 and
> 7.10. Yes, much better along with the printing interface. I am really loving
> it all.
>  I give 7.10 a 9 out of 10 so far. I would give it a 10 if I could run
> Street and Trips and sync to my Pocket PC.
>  Soon and very soon, I am going to see the king (of OSes). And it won't be
> M$.

It is inevitable.

>  /me slips back into the corner.

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