[ubuntu-us-in] Consulting franchise idea

Brian Fahrlander brian at fahrlander.net
Tue Oct 9 16:49:19 BST 2007

Daniel Dunn wrote:
> Sounded good till i read you were from Evansville...
> then i thought to myself... DAMN there goes my market

     Just to be clear; Evansville's a market of 300,000.  If there is 
only one person in three with a computer, this leaves "only" 100,000 
computers to be serviced.  That's enough for 100 cells of 
single-proprietors to operate their businesses.  There's lots of room, 
and getting bigger!

     And depending on our mutual situations, it might be possible to 
provide 24x7 support by teaming up; I tend to work nights for some 
reason, and most people work days. I can be the day-guy and you can be 
the night guy for answering questions.  As to actual therapy on these 
machines, I'm not sure.  But it's something we can work out, if you're 

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