[ubuntu-us-in] ubuntu-friendly smartphone

Michael Schultheiss schultmc at cinlug.org
Tue Nov 20 19:18:10 GMT 2007

Craig Hills wrote:
> I'm looking for a new phone, and I'd like to find something that works
> well with ubuntu.  I'm almost definitely going with ATT so I get free
> calls to my family.  I'm pretty interested in the Blackberry 8310,
> Samsung Blackjack, or something similar.  Or of course a cheap iphone,
> but I don't see that happening...

ATT phones are GSM so you'd need something like gsm-utils

If you went with a CDMA provider (Sprint or Verizon) I'd recommend
bitpim (http://packages.ubuntu.com/bitpim).

Both tools should allow you to interact with your phone and maintain
your phonebook and other phone features (depends on the phone model).  I
only have experience with bitpim since I have Verizon.

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