[ubuntu-us-in] Time for a change

Dave Cooley dcooley at kiva.net
Mon Nov 19 03:19:47 GMT 2007

I'm not a programmer by trade, I'm a sysadmin; that's just a disclosure, 
in case it colors my suggestions.  I do, however, work with several 
programmers (who are my users).

I suggest Python.  It's what we mostly use at our software house.  I can 
actually understand the programmers' code, which is nice.  It's also a 
no-brainer when I need to move websites and/or applications between 
Windows and Linux (yeah, I use Ubuntu in our racks) servers.  We use 
python because we can produce working (mostly web-based) applications 
much faster than our competitors can, whenever our clients ask for 
custom applications (which is often).

I was speaking with an IU Comp. Sci. prof awhile back (don't remember 
his name) who was telling me how much he loves python, but (so far) 
hasn't been able to get the university to change to teaching their 
first-year CS students python instead of java.


Dave Cooley
dcooley at kiva.net

Daniel Dunn wrote:
> In my busy schedule of work, being a father, being a husband, and
> trying to let people know about Ubuntu, I have decided to learn a
> programming language. I learned VB in highschool, and i have dabbled
> with different languages since then, but not hing serious. I was
> wondering from the "Experts" what language would be a good start? I
> would love to give back to the Ubuntu community by helping to code and
> debug projects. I had been thinking about C#, but any recommendations
> would be helpful.

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