[ubuntu-us-in] Time for a change

David Bell dtbell99 at gmail.com
Sun Nov 18 14:28:16 GMT 2007

I would suggest Python, I have found that to be what most Ubuntu projects
are asked to be written in, or stick with C# and use Mono! Personally I
would say Java, but that is my language of preference and until the
pre-installed open jdk is in all distro's it might not be a good language of

Dave Bell

On 11/17/07, Daniel Dunn <dan.dunn.16.62 at gmail.com> wrote:
> In my busy schedule of work, being a father, being a husband, and
> trying to let people know about Ubuntu, I have decided to learn a
> programming language. I learned VB in highschool, and i have dabbled
> with different languages since then, but not hing serious. I was
> wondering from the "Experts" what language would be a good start? I
> would love to give back to the Ubuntu community by helping to code and
> debug projects. I had been thinking about C#, but any recommendations
> would be helpful.
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