[ubuntu-us-in] IU LinuxFest - Conference Pack on its way!

Simon Ruiz sruiz at mccsc.edu
Fri Mar 23 16:46:57 GMT 2007

Re: Using Dapper sleeves. Not a bad idea, really, as long as we black out the version number ;-)
Well, how about if we're optimistic and go for 50? I'd be willing to buy them and burn them if someone else would take care of the labels.
Should we burn more than just x86 cds? I don't know that 64-bit is really worth the disadvantages to be handing them out to people who don't know better...Maybe a few PPC ones?


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Simon Ruiz wrote:
> Re:Dapper CDs, I really think it's preferable to give out Edgy CDs, as
> the only real reason to use Dapper right now that I know of is if
> you're really interested in not upgrading your server for the next 4
> years...maybe we could slip the Edgy CDs into the Dapper cardboard
> sleeves ;-)

That works for me :)

Another reason to use Dapper is that it's an LTS release, although
personally I use whatever the latest stable release of Ubuntu is.

> Re: Sleeves, yeah I that would certainly be the easy thing to do. If
> we got nice labels, the sleeves I have will allow them to shine
> through.

I'll bring my box of Dapper CDs - we can throw out the disks and just
use the cardboard sleeves.  Last year, CINLUG gave out about 25 disks or
so - I wouldn't anticipate a huge number of disks need to be made or
given away, especially since the Fiesty release is just around the

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