[ubuntu-us-in] IU LinuxFest - Conference Pack on its way!

Michael Schultheiss schultmc at cinlug.org
Fri Mar 23 13:15:03 GMT 2007

Simon Ruiz wrote:
> I received no response to my request for Edgy CDs--not surprising
> considering the policy to only send them out to Official teams--so we
> need to take responsibility to burn some off for ourselves. That leads
> to questions like "How many?". I'd not aim to have too many Edgy CDs
> left over, since Feisty is coming out in about a month, but then I'm
> not sure how many CD giveaways we should expect.

I've still got about 80 Dapper CDs.  The CDs were a huge hit at ITEC
last year - I'm sure we can give them away if we end up with extras.

> Brett has been working on a CD label, but doesn't have a printer, so
> does someone have the ability to print CD labels for us? I can't
> imagine it'd be too difficult to bring CDs and labels separately and
> label the CDs there at the LinuxFest. Does Kinko's print CD labels?

Anyone with an inkjet printer and CD labels can do so.  Kinkos might do
labels as well.

> Also, should we have CDs in jewel cases, our own custom-printed
> sleeves (a la www.papercdcase.com or something), generic white paper
> sleeves? The simplest (and cheapest) solution would be to use generic
> white paper sleeves, of which I have quite a few (the type with a
> window so you can see the CD label), the nicest looking solution (and
> the most expensive) would probably be having jewel cases with an
> insert.

I'd go with paper sleeves personally.  In the past, CINLUG has given out
slimline jewel cases with no insert - those aren't terribly expensive

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