[ubuntu-us-in] Ubuntu Speed Tweak - /etc/hosts

Simon Ruiz sruiz at mccsc.edu
Wed Mar 21 16:30:45 GMT 2007

For those of you using Ubuntu, though likely not applicable ONLY those using Ubuntu, this little tweak gives your application load time a HUGE boost--that is, it makes application load times noticeably shorter.

<disclaimer>I have no idea why this works</disclaimer>

	Edit your "/etc/hosts" file:
	$ sudo gedit /etc/hosts
	You should see something like this: localhost martin-laptop
	(and if your in Feisty, some lines about IPV6
	Now, add the following: localhost martin-laptop martin-laptop
	(Replace "martin-laptop" with your hostname)
	Save. Should work instantly, or sometimes on reboot. 

Read at Martin Albisetti's blog <http://beuno.com.ar/?p=4>  (via the Ubuntu Planet RSS feed).

To be perfectly honest, I didn't even notice I was taking a performance hit because the sorts of load times I got before this tweak were comparable to load times I've been used to expecting on Windows for a long time.

Hope this finds you all doing great!


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