[ubuntu-us-in] Notes from 2007-08-13 Indiana LoCo team meeting

Nate Dobbs misconfiguration at gmail.com
Tue Aug 28 14:22:45 BST 2007

I'm just emailing everyone to let you all know I'm attending OLF, I've had
my hotel already paid for over a month now.

I'm going to attend Friday and Saturday's conferences, I paid the $65 for
the all-inclusive pass. I'm also ready to buy a T-shirt and excited to meet
with all of you in the Indiana chapter!

On 8/28/07, Michael Schultheiss <schultmc at cinlug.org> wrote:
> Evan Boggs wrote:
> > The t-shirts sound cool.  Any idea what the price would be?
> Probably about $15, although I've only priced white T-shirts - colored
> might be more expensive.
> > Also, won't we need to order them soon if we want them by the 29th?
> cafepress.com only takes a few days (less than 5) to produce shirts as
> far as I know.
> > Is there anything else we need to do for logo approval?
> I think we just need to have Ana come up with the final design in a high
> resolution file and submit it for approval.  I imagine  the approval
> will be the longest part of the process.
> > I'm planning on going to OLF; I guess I'd better sign up and request
> > time off from work!  Anyone else going and live close to Indy?  I'd
> > love to carpool.  I'm about to shoot off a carpooling query to CINLUG,
> > but I figured it would be worth a shot to ask around here, too.  I
> > live on the NE side but would be glad to meet up anywhere around
> > Indy--it's a hell of a lot shorter than driving all the way to Ohio!
> I just responded to your CINLUG query:
> http://lists.cinlug.org/pipermail/cinlug/2007-August/000126.html
> Summary: I'm going, interested in driving/carpooling
> > Oh, and for those who've gone before: any hotel and/or restaurant
> > recommendations?  I'm but a poor student, so inexpensive is good!
> I went in 2005 just for the day and plan on repeating that this time
> too.  Indy to Columbus isn't a bad drive.
> > There's an organisation here in Indianapolis called Virtual Scavengers
> > that fixes up old computers and gives them to the needy.  I'll ask
> > them if they'd be interested in a FOSS presentation.
> CINLUG does a lot of work with them - I'd be happy to give a talk if
> needed.
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