[ubuntu-us-in] Notes from 2007-08-13 Indiana LoCo team meeting

Evan Boggs etboggs at indiana.edu
Tue Aug 28 05:57:25 BST 2007

Simón, glad you started the discussion! :)

On Sat, 2007-08-25 at 19:14 -0400, "Simón A. Ruiz" wrote:
> Also, registration deadline is September 14th, and rooms are getting
> booked up... For those on the fence, let me encourage you to go. It's a
> really great event, educational and fun.
The t-shirts sound cool.  Any idea what the price would be?  Also, won't
we need to order them soon if we want them by the 29th?  Is there
anything else we need to do for logo approval?

I'm planning on going to OLF; I guess I'd better sign up and request
time off from work!  Anyone else going and live close to Indy?  I'd love
to carpool.  I'm about to shoot off a carpooling query to CINLUG, but I
figured it would be worth a shot to ask around here, too.  I live on the
NE side but would be glad to meet up anywhere around Indy--it's a hell
of a lot shorter than driving all the way to Ohio!

Oh, and for those who've gone before: any hotel and/or restaurant
recommendations?  I'm but a poor student, so inexpensive is good!

> One idea comes to mind: give an "Introduction to Linux using Ubuntu"
> class at a local library, showing off how free software operating
> systems can do everything most people need a computer for, and highlight
> the philosophical and practical underpinnings of Software Freedom while
> you're at it. This could include or be a precursor for an install fest.
There's an organisation here in Indianapolis called Virtual Scavengers
that fixes up old computers and gives them to the needy.  I'll ask them
if they'd be interested in a FOSS presentation.

I also came up with a the beginnings of an idea that is quite
FOSS-related, but it's just occurred to me tonight and I'll need some
more time to have it bounce around my head.  It's not really related to
Software Freedom Day, though.  I may post to the list in a few days
soliciting ideas and input.  Stay tuned! ;)


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