[Ubuntu Illinois] Code Sprint this Saturday.

Eddie Martinez eddiemartinez at gmail.com
Tue Feb 5 20:45:51 GMT 2008

Hey all, this Saturday is the Ubuntu-Illinois Code Sprint. I'll directions
at the end of the email. The wiki page is at
wiki.ubuntu.com/IllinoisTeam/Events I am not 100% sure which sections of the
agenda will go out and which wont, but I guess we'll have to wait and see.

-Eddie M./Manchicken

216 N. Dianne ln
Mahomet, IL 61853

1. Take I-57 south until you get to I-74.

2. Take I-74 west and then get off at exit #172, taking a left at the
stop sign.

3. At the stop light, turn right.

4. At the three-way stop-sign, go forward to the right.

5. At the stop-sign, turn left, this should be State street.

6. After two stop signs, turn left on Dianne ln.

7. When Dianne ln bends off to the right, my house is one with a two-car
garage, house #216.
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