[Ubuntu-us-id] Changing of Ubuntu-Idaho Team Ownership.

Chris Crisafulli itnet7 at ubuntu.com
Fri Jan 21 20:12:35 UTC 2011

Ubuntu Idaho LoCo Team,

Last year around May to June, there was basically (IMHO) a hostile takeover
of the team, with a seriously uncooperative attitude towards preexisting
members and leaders. This made several of the teams' contributors decide
they would basically like to invest their time elsewhere and pretty much
gave free reign of the team to the new "leader". Since then there have been
no visible signs, whatsoever, that any real progress has/had been made.

I was contacted by several team members that they wanted to get things going
again, and they have decided that it is time to try something new. Vorian, a
couple of weeks later e-mailed a request directly to the LoCo Council and
said that he was going to attempt to contact the current team owner, and
after two weeks reported no reply. So here is the plan....

Team ownership in Launchpad will be transferred to Paul Wilch. Paul, Curt &
Sheri, and Vorian (if he desires) will be listed as Team Contacts for the
LoCo Directory, This is with an understanding that there should be
collaboration among the contacts so that team reporting and direction will
be streamlined. If this configuration doesn't work out, once the team
numbers increase a bit, and we can get some unbiased consensus than an
election can be held if necessary.

Let's try to get passed all of these recent and past issues by focusing on
Ubuntu Advocacy and plans on how to build a great Ubuntu LoCo Team in Idaho.
We need to discuss ideas in a way that more than one person can give input.
Some really great ideas have happened within the teams I have been part of,
when as leaders we have made decisions to let others have voice in team
processes and events, even when we didn't feel it was the way to go.
Everyone should feel as though they count and are part of the team, and no
one should dread their time will contributing especially due to overbearing

There has been some really good progress check out the following:

Ubuntu Idaho Team Website <http://www.ubuntuidaho.org>
Ubuntu Idaho Team Forum <http://idaho.ubuntuforums.org>
Ubuntu Idaho Team Wiki <https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IdahoTeam>
Ubuntu Idaho Team Mailing

If you some great ideas, or would like to learn how you can contribute or
get involved, please let the team know through the Mailing List or stop by
the IRC Channel #ubuntu-us-id on freenode.

Thanks for your time,

Chris Crisafulli
Ubuntu LoCo Council
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