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Chris Crisafulli itnet7 at ubuntu.com
Thu May 27 03:30:23 BST 2010

Dear Idaho Team!

I am sorry that it has taken me until now to get this out, but I wanted to
update you on what we discussed at Saturday's Meeting.

Here are the irclogs: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IdahoTeam/Minutes/2010May23

The meeting was started off with two very important links. The Code Of
Conduct <http://www.ubuntu.com/community/conduct>, and the Leadership Code
of Conduct <http://www.ubuntu.com/community/leadership-conduct>,
wanting to make sure that everyone had read them both, in the meeting and
all of you reading this.

I didn't follow an official agenda, I was hoping to more or less guide a
discussion, in order to try and narrow down who wanted to do what within
the team. I wanted to find out how receptive everyone would be to Idahoclint
becoming a leader and an administrator of the team. Clint has been doing
some really good work for the Idaho Team. Curt still really wants to
continue on in his role of Team Contact, He and Rihanha feel that his
strengths are with administrative tasks on the back-end of things. Clint has
led the Boise LUG  meetings, and other events, and his strengths lie in
leading and organising events.  Rihanha and Curt both are willing to
collaborate with
 Clint to combine each others strengths, and Curt made Clint and
administrator in Launchpad during the meeting.

Unfortunately, Clint wasn't present at the meeting, so I didn't get a chance
to hear him weigh in, but  I think we are moving in the right direction.
Hopefully he to will see it that way.

During the meeting, Darin was identified as a very technical person , and
could prove to be a great asset to the team as he has demonstrated in the
past that he likes to help and has made himself available when people need
him to explain things and troubleshoot.

We discussed places to have meet-ups, and talked about the need for reliable
Internet Services. Several suggestions were made, based on what works
for me and my team. We meet up at Local Coffee shops, Barnes and Nobles,
Panera Bread Community Rooms. Here locally even the Denny has Free Wi-fi.
There are several sites out there that even give rating systems on venues,
with atmosphere, cost, and Internet access.

So the decision was that Gyron (Curtis Elgin) will remain the Team Contact,
Idahoclin (Clinton) was made an LP admin and has the support of Curt and
Rihanha. Rihanha and Curt are going to
get in touch with Clint and discuss the vision he has for getting Idaho Team
back on track.

I would like encourage all of you to begin idling in #ubuntu-us-id. Soon the
#ubuntu-idaho will redirect to #ubuntu-us-id and people will begin wandering
in, looking for help and to find out info about the team. I would also
recommend that at least once a month (at the very least, twice would really
be recommended) that as a team you meet in #ubuntu-us-id. I have requested
that the LoCobot_4 get added to your channel for logging purposes, It will
make it easier for you to find Logs to put in your meeting minutes.

I would also encourage you to start taking some pictures, blogging about
events, if anyone in your LoCo is an Ubuntu Member have them blog about the
events and post them to http://planet.ubuntu.com . If not you can make
summaries of your events/meetings and post them up as Team Reports. Team
reports are published in Ubuntu Weekly News, So it will also help raise
awareness for the Idaho Team.

I am currently idling in #ubuntu-us-id, you can ping me, If I am away, I
will respond as soon as I see it. Any question feel free to e-mail me
directly, I will do my best to reply in a timely manner.

Thanks for your time.

Chris Crisafulli
Ubuntu LoCo Council
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