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*Intro and Thanks*

Hello all. We're just sending out a quick email to the list to cover a few

First, thanks to everyone who came out to the kick-off meeting of Ubuntu
Idaho. We were surprised by the turn out, and we're thrilled to have so many
folks interested in Ubuntu, Linux and Open Source Software. Second,we would
like to thank the University of Phoenix in Meridian for letting us hot the
Ubuntu meeting there. We really appreciate it!

*Website and Wiki Updates*

The Ubuntu Idaho Team launch crew has been busy updating our wiki and
websites to increase the amount of information and functionality available.
Please do check us out this month, as we are adding and editing to these

The Official Ubuntu site wiki - I'd say this is our hub -
Our website (includes the forums) - https://www.ubuntuidaho.org

Feel free to comment on the site, make requests, and so on - you can post to
the 'Website and Wiki' topic in the forums, or send mail directly to the,
for lack of a better title, launch team through contact at ubuntuidaho.org.

If you have questions about where to find information, or what kinds of
contact resources we have available, then please check out the *Getting
Started* section of the website. It is a work in progress, we're hoping to
have it up and available soon.

*Meeting Topics and Team Leadership*

If you have requests for meeting topics, or want to present a topic, then
you can either post ideas to the Topics thread in the forums, or you can
make edits to the Topics page of the wiki -

If you are interested in getting more involved with the team leadership
and/or maintenance, then please check out our Pioneers page -

*Next Meeting*

We would like to keep the regular scheduled meeting going, but this month we
just don’t have the manpower to pull off a full-blown meeting. Our
leadership ring is still pretty small, and with one out of town and two
moving, its left us stretched thin this month. Instead of straining to do
something mediocre, we’ve decided to make this month’s meeting an online
meeting. We will be meeting in our IRC room (#ubuntu-us-id) on Saturday
morning for a “ coffee chat and Q&A session” from 10-11 am.  The primary
goal for this meeting is to get feedback and offer assistance to new
members, so please feel free to drop in and ask questions, provide
suggestions, request (or offer to present) topics for future meetings, or
ask about getting involved.

If you are not familiar with IRC, then this is a great opportunity to give
it a try. You can find some initial information about it at
https://help.ubuntu.com/community/XChatHowto and my favorite, the IRC course
at http://wiki.ubuntu-women.org/Courses/IRC/. As always, feel free to send
us mail if you have questions.


Ubuntu Idaho Team
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