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Sun Mar 7 01:57:24 GMT 2010

On Sat, Mar 6, 2010 at 8:15 PM, Aaron Cannon
<cannona at> wrote:
> I contacted the U of I ACM to see if they would be willing to host our
> jam, but so far no reply.
> I'll keep you all posted, but if anyone has any other ideas, let me
> know.  Does anyone know if we can just use U of I facilities for a
> small fee?  Or do we have to be affiliated with them.  I'll try to
> find out, but if anyone just knows...
> Thanks.
> Aaron
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Hey Aaron

The way it usually works at Universities is that if you wish to use
Uni facilities for an event and you are not a student org., they
charge a fee.

They do not charge student orgs

Therefore, if the ACM sponsored an event ( such as a bug jam ), and it
was a U of I ACM event, then the school would let it slide. Just
ensure you get invited ;)


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