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I'm not sure - but I'll see what I can find out. If not, I have a couple of other ideas that might work for locations to meet.
I'm around the Valley Junction area... definitely would be cool to meet some other Linux fans, maybe even work our way to an install fest or something.

Should I upload my edited version of that poster somewhere? If so, where?

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Are there any meeting rooms at DMACC that we could possibly use for a 
local users group.
What neighborhood  of the Des Moines area do you live in? I can provide 
you with transportation if need be.
It would be nice if all the DSM people could get together, maybe at a 
coffee shop or bookstore. What do people think?


Jared Brees wrote:
> I'm in the Des Moines area (West Des Moines); currently I'm attending 
> DMACC (Urban Campus), so any work for that will take priority...
> My transportation is fairly limited (no vehicle of my own), but I can 
> easily lurk on IRC; are we talking the one on Freenode or Ubuntu? 
> (Server/channel?)
> My strengths would probably lie in hardware and/or troubleshooting. 
> However, the relative level of my Google-Fu is probably higher than 
> either of those. (That is, given the "average" hardware, 
> troubleshooting, and Google-Fu gurus, the difference in my skill/their 
> skill is probably greater for Google-Fu than either the hardware or 
> troubleshooting.) I'm not sure about that, but in my experience so 
> far, it seems to be the case.
> I would consider myself a newbie at writing scripts, but I do have 
> some experience with that; I can usually do it, it just takes a long 
> time. (I think others could spit out code much faster, but then again, 
> I don't have any reference point.) I can do XHTML, CSS, Bash, Perl, 
> whatever that variant of C# it is that's used by the Arduino IDE, and 
> JavaScript. (That list was in order of my skill from most efficient to 
> least efficient.)
> I have an updated version (I updated it) of one of the Ubuntu flyers; 
> I didn't post it anywhere since I didn't know how the licensing works 
> for that. The original one is here:
> "http://doc.ubuntu.com/~marketing/spreadubuntu/DIY%20Material/DIY-at-home/Posters,%20Filip%20Dominec%20&%20Jenda%20Van%C4%8Dura/Poster-en.png 
> <http://doc.ubuntu.com/%7Emarketing/spreadubuntu/DIY%20Material/DIY-at-home/Posters,%20Filip%20Dominec%20&%20Jenda%20Van%C4%8Dura/Poster-en.png>"
> Let's keep going with this nice little "cyber-AED shock" (I mean, 
> "recent mailing list activity indicating interest").
> Jared Brees /
> computer_freak_8

Mike and Dede Moum
Des Moines, Iowa
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