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Mike Moum mike.moum at gmail.com
Thu Jan 28 01:21:17 GMT 2010


Are there any meeting rooms at DMACC that we could possibly use for a 
local users group.
What neighborhood  of the Des Moines area do you live in? I can provide 
you with transportation if need be.
It would be nice if all the DSM people could get together, maybe at a 
coffee shop or bookstore. What do people think?


Jared Brees wrote:
> I'm in the Des Moines area (West Des Moines); currently I'm attending 
> DMACC (Urban Campus), so any work for that will take priority...
> My transportation is fairly limited (no vehicle of my own), but I can 
> easily lurk on IRC; are we talking the one on Freenode or Ubuntu? 
> (Server/channel?)
> My strengths would probably lie in hardware and/or troubleshooting. 
> However, the relative level of my Google-Fu is probably higher than 
> either of those. (That is, given the "average" hardware, 
> troubleshooting, and Google-Fu gurus, the difference in my skill/their 
> skill is probably greater for Google-Fu than either the hardware or 
> troubleshooting.) I'm not sure about that, but in my experience so 
> far, it seems to be the case.
> I would consider myself a newbie at writing scripts, but I do have 
> some experience with that; I can usually do it, it just takes a long 
> time. (I think others could spit out code much faster, but then again, 
> I don't have any reference point.) I can do XHTML, CSS, Bash, Perl, 
> whatever that variant of C# it is that's used by the Arduino IDE, and 
> JavaScript. (That list was in order of my skill from most efficient to 
> least efficient.)
> I have an updated version (I updated it) of one of the Ubuntu flyers; 
> I didn't post it anywhere since I didn't know how the licensing works 
> for that. The original one is here:
> "http://doc.ubuntu.com/~marketing/spreadubuntu/DIY%20Material/DIY-at-home/Posters,%20Filip%20Dominec%20&%20Jenda%20Van%C4%8Dura/Poster-en.png 
> <http://doc.ubuntu.com/%7Emarketing/spreadubuntu/DIY%20Material/DIY-at-home/Posters,%20Filip%20Dominec%20&%20Jenda%20Van%C4%8Dura/Poster-en.png>"
> Let's keep going with this nice little "cyber-AED shock" (I mean, 
> "recent mailing list activity indicating interest").
> Jared Brees /
> computer_freak_8

Mike and Dede Moum
Des Moines, Iowa
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