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Mike Moum wrote:
> How many of us are in the Des Moines area? I am.
> Mike
> Scott Shields wrote:
>> I figured I'd break the silence and address the mailing list directly 
>> (since most of you don't seem to like lurking in our IRC channel).
>> Currently we're looking for people near the Eastern Iowa Corridor 
>> (that would be the area between Iowa City and Cedar Rapids). Others 
>> may join us online via IRC and the like, but in-person activities such 
>> as meetings and projects will really help get this LoCo team moving. 
>> If you haven't done so already and you're interested in being an 
>> active LoCo member, please register here 
>> <>. Right now we're more of a 
>> social group. In the future, we'll have member requirements and all of 
>> that fancy stuff.
>> You've already met our new, more vocal member Iowan (be forewarned, 
>> we'll be using real names soon), but I'd like to put my ideas out 
>> there too. First we need to get as many people together sometime and 
>> figure out what everyone's strengths are. From there we can decide the 
>> goals and future projects of our LoCo team. Listed below you'll find 
>> my current ideas that I've been thinking of. Let me know what you 
>> think and/or what suggestions you may have.
>> *
>> My Project Ideas
>> *
>>     * *In Our Local Community* - How can we help educate our friends
>>       and family members about FOSS (and especially Ubuntu)
>>       alternatives? In the past, the "computer club" at Kirkwood has
>>       taken older computers from U of I Surplus, fixed them up, and
>>       resold them at cost to people. I believe it was somewhere around
>>       $100 and you could either get a Linux distro on it or payed a
>>       little extra for Windows XP.
>>     * *Kirkwood Community College* - I'd like to get a Linux User
>>       Group (LUG) up and running at the main campus (of course we
>>       won't ignore the Iowa City campus either). Then I'd like to
>>       promote the use of Open Source software in the labs and maybe
>>       classes. At least educate the students of the choices out there.
>>     * *KRUUFM* - I'd like to find out the status of this "subteam".
>>       Are they still active? What are they working on? How can we
>>       incorporate them into our LoCo?
>>     * *Ubuntu Global Jam (March 26th - 28th)* - This would be a great
>>       way to get inserted into the community. Basically a bunch of
>>       people, not matter what the skill level, to get together and
>>       help make Ubuntu better. I've talked to the Chicago LoCo Team
>>       about the possibility of joining them for this. Mark your calender!
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