Iowa Ubuntu Users Group?

John Deeth jdeeth at
Sun Jan 4 17:33:05 GMT 2009

OK here's my story.

I'm only an untertechie but mostly I'm a writer. I've run a political
blog for six years and was a pro at another site for a year and a half
till I got whacked right after the presidential election.

I stumbled onto Ubuntu in late `05 when I was fixing up an old machine
that I literally found on the street (at semester breaks in Iowa City
that's not unusual). I played with it on old machines in `06, switched
my main laptop to dualboot in early `07, and in mid `08 I migrated my
email and considered Linux my home.

My biggest barrier has been work I do in Microsoft Access databases.
Wine failed me; Crossover seems to work but I had a big corruption
problem once :(

Mostly I'm a proselytizer. In November I started a weekly Linux Monday
feature on my blog that's meant as Linux 101 lessons and propaganda for
the non-converted. My site is here

Looking to learn, loooking to persuade.


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